Tuesday, October 22, 2013

They pinned my heart on their sleeve

Some times I like to look and see what's been pinned off my blog on Pinterest. I haven't done it in a while. But when I do it always humbles me. I am always surprised anyone wants to hear anything I say.

When I did this today, I had to laugh because I see a few people have recently pinned my temporary back splash and I JUST pulled mine down today. (Got to get ready to leave and show this place to new renters as is.)


A midst the billion pinnings of that "What to wear while pregnant" post.
I was amazed when that when viral, but I am always sort of plagued by that since its not even my own thoughts, just something I read and relayed. But I hope it brings people to see some of my own thoughts here.

A midst the sea of pins on that, here and there I see some other pins:

Like some of my pregnancy tip posts (or even better the whole page) and I smile, and my heart beats out a prayer: Let it help. Let them be blessed. Let them have more than I had. Let more women see these pins and be brought through better than I was initially.

I love to see those pins.
But what I love to see most, is when someone pins my heart.

I cried today because I saw this.

"VBAC Lydia says" - Read Here.      //     Life with Two - Read Here

I care so deeply for the people these blog posts mean something to. 

I cried because it feel so good to be honest. And you let me. And I hope more will be free to be honest.
I cried because these posts (and all that they are) still mean something to me. And they always will. 
And so I know that this stuff will always mean something to someone too.
And I want us all to find our peace.
And I cried because I'm feeling some peace -- rather a lot on the matter. And I didn't think I ever would. 
So I cried because I think they will too.

I'm gonna try to put some more posts that mean something to me and them and us in the small lull between now and the move.

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