Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Very Best Traveling with Two Kids Advice (Or Any Number, Really)

Yesterday's post is inspiration for today's post.

Traveling with two.

Why does yesterday's potty training post inspire that?....well the best thing I've learned about traveling (as the solo adult) with two small kids revolves around potty training.

But let me back up.

Traveling (as the solo adult) with two kids long distance is a whole new beast, as compared to traveling with one.
One was hard.
But after experiencing travel with two, I look back at traveling with one as a piece of cake.

Right now, before our move, we have 6 hours between me and my parents. (Without stops. It usually takes us 8 hours to get there.)

What makes it so hard is potty breaks -- for me.

If I have to go to the bathroom, not only do I need to do the mental battle of "is this a good time to stop" in regards to if they are sleeping or almost asleep, but once I say "yeah now's the time" I need to unbuckle two and get them both safely in and out alone.
In our case
Jasmine usually gets clingy, making it hard for me to carry Ruby. And Ruby wants to run as fast as she can away from me, making it hard to hold her in general.

A sort of side tip: Once I figured out I could ask Jasmine to hold on to a sash my skirt had, instead of my hand, so I could have both hands. (I needed to carry a drink and a baby.)

And Ruby is right at that age where everything goes in the mouth. So when I'm in a public restroom I just hold her while I try to get everything done. Its pretty hilarious!

What I figured out on my last trip was that I don't need that kinda hassle. We have a potty-training potty and a van with tinted windows...

I'm just gonna say, if you have small kids and you have to drive hours and hours with them without a second adult, pack:

  • the potty training potty (regardless of the age of your children and their potty training stage), 
  • a role of toilet paper, 
  • a large ziplock bag that you can seal well until you get to your destination,
  • And sense of humor seasoned with courage.

You'll thank me later.

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