Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Its come to this!

So I had been getting pretty good (not great) at getting dressed daily, lately. I mean, often it took me till Ruby's second nap to get it done, but usually had had accomplished it.

Today however, I just didn't feel like it. I thought, "We have nothing to do. I'm kinda just not ready for the week to start after the long weekend. I'm just gonna leave my lounge clothes on." (Today they are a very old sleeveless knit black dress that has now become pjs since it is cozy and easy to nurse in and its all pilly and unacceptable to wear in public.

So...just because of this (I am sure) the mail lady needs me to sign for a package, so she gets to see me in my un-made up glory. Which doesn't phase me much. This is definitely not the first mail person to see me in a very stay-at-home-mother-of-a-baby disheveled-state.

But then I tried to take a nap when the girls did. But of course that didn't work (at least for me -- they got the sweet end). So I never got dressed at all.
I had just woken up Jasmine from her nap and she was crabby about it. Ruby's diaper really needed to be changed and....

someone is coming up to my door.

I see her through my window. I think she sees me.

A women and two children on bikes.

I know who this is.
But I don't know her.

Blake just met this family down the road. The husband works where Blake does and we all go to the same church. But I've not met any of them yet.
He mentioned how we should me sometime.
She must be taking the initiative.

Oh no! Oh no!
I'm still in my sleep bra in pajamas...she is already at the door, there is no way out!

I open the door and she is seriously... beautiful: looking way more perfect than I ever could in a work out tank. And...here's the thing, I don't think she's wearing any makeup either -- But she looks good.

I'm not sure if my face showed just exactly how much I wished I had gotten dressed today. Or at least fixed my hair.

I tried to make conversation anyway -- like I was totally in my happy place.

But I'm holding Ruby, and wouldn't you know....my side is getting wetter and wetter by the moment. Yeah....her diaper is giving way. Its done. And I'm still smiling and thinking, "wow I wish I were more equipped to live in a world where its the norm for people to drop by unannounced. "

But how many days have I gotten dressed just so the 3 other members of my family could see me? All the other days I get dressed .... no one drops by those days. And those days the mail lady doesn't need a signature...she just rings the doorbell and leaves.


There is no point to my story.
No moral.
Just me needing to say "Oh my gosh! I'm super embarrassed."

She seemed really nice.
So hopefully I'll be able to redeem myself by wearing clothes next time I see her!

Oh my.

Any tips on how to avoid another moment like this?...aka...best get dressed every day tips: go!


  1. A better day is coming...Just say, "whatever!"

  2. Sundresses. Maxi dresses. Any cotton dresses. Lots of dresses. They are easy to throw on, nurse in, and nap in. Also tinted moisturizer. Even if I don't do my whole face, quickly rubbing that on makes my skin look so much more awake and healthy. As far as hair, I chopped it all off so that if I don't do anything to it, it still looks decent.

    You are not alone in that moment, I had one the other day when I woke up from a nap to someone at the door, and had smudged mascara and no bra and hair that was all matted down lol. I am sure people don't really care :)


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