Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just a short "Hello..."

I just wanted to throw a quick post out [while one sleeps and one plays in her room {she told me to leave her alone with Ariel the mermaid Barbie. heh heh.}] to say, "I'm still here." And still blogging away in my head! But, I know... that doesn't help you.
Its just we, as a family, are in the stage of two very busy little ones, with no coinciding down times, and  so its hard to find the time.
Plus we were just out of town visiting family.
And I've been reading LOTS and LOTS recently.
A lot of which is on food allergies because we have an allergist appointment for Jasmine coming up and I want to have my thoughts together to get the most out of our appointment.
To be honest with you, I get some very low-lows working on being a mommy of an adorable little girl who happens to have food allergies. I don't always handle myself well. And I don't really know how, or that I want to, blog on this stuff yet. But you could be praying for me. Its really a challenge for my heart, because I just love her so much and I want her to just be able to have all sorts of food. You could be praying that she does indeed outgrow these allergies (because statically its likely, and because God is big.)
I'm also just trying to figure out good routines for us. (I want to blog about that too!)
Sheesh I have so much to say! And no time to write it!

But, be patient with me. I'll get there!


  1. I stumbled across your blog after seeing a pin on Pinterest about maternity fashion, and ended up spending the past few days reading your old posts about pregnancies, birth, etc. I have so appreciated your honesty and found you to be incredibly encouraging. You've been a blessing. I hope that's ok to say so. I have one daughter who's almost 2 and we're planning on expanding our family, Lord-willing, soon. I saw this post about your daughter's food allergies. I don't know any of the backstory, but I just wanted to encourage you. I had severe food allergies while growing up. They started when I hit puberty. I couldn't do dairy. Or anything citrus-y. Or anything red (watermelon, tomatoes, strawberries, etc.) I was also allergic to plants (just breathing them in or being around certain trees) and animals. My allergies came out as a horrible rash all over my body that would itch like crazy and no lotions or pills really helped much. It was incredibly rough and very tough on my parents, especially my mom. I outgrew it. I am in my mid twenties and I eat everything. Here's my thought about all this, though. I am so thankful I had food allergies. I have no idea what your daughter is struggling with and it is undoubtedly harder for her since she's little and can't understand what's going on. But for me - it has taught me some amazing self-control which has helped me in so many areas in life. I wouldn't trade it. I hope you're able to find answers and encouragement on this journey. Blessing! -Marina

    1. Marina, Thank you so much! Today has been a hard day on many levels and I don't think anything could have encouraged me more than your comment just now. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! Thank you.


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