Thursday, January 17, 2013

Diaper Bag Kit

*I've decided to write out things I've learned for my girls later. This post goes in that vein.

I remember googling "What goes in a diaper bag?" when I was pregnant with my Jasmine.
I seriously had no idea.
It seemed really complicated.
And well, it kind of is... if you've never taken care of a baby.
What do babies need?
It was a huge mystery.

But really, its pretty straight forward.
Some diapers, wipes, maybe: some burp cloths, a teething toy, or a snack trap cup, bottles if you need them (you girls won't take bottles,) or a nursing cover /nursing pads when you are just starting to breastfeed and are leaking.
A blanket is nice, but I like to leave yours draped over your carseat carrier. I also like to bring a baby sling/carrier with us -- but I throw that in the car not the diaper bag.
Really organized, well prepared people pack extra outfits (some moms even pack an extra shirt for themselves) -- incase of blowouts, big spit ups, or leaks. Sometimes I remember to do this, but most the time I live dangerously.

I actually think I have to bring more stuff (when going on a short shopping-like errand) with a toddler than a baby.
All that other stuff plus: Big snacks, sippy cups, big toys, and some days Jasmine insists on her own blanket, and sunglasses, and her invisible kitty.

Inevitably there will be days where something happens which requires the one thing you left a home. It will happen to you sometime, no matter how hard you try to prepare.
     I tried to solve the main issues with a little travel bag of essentials. We don't use these thing every time we leave, but they are packed in one place for whenever I end up needing them.

I took a zipper pouch I had from a baby shower gift to use as a case. (It had been full of baby toiletries. But you can find cases like this all over.) (Here's one with bottles and cases ready to fill.)

What do I keep in there?
  1. Mini Lysol Spray -- It's handy for disinfecting.  (Note: I wouldn't use it on anything that goes in a baby's mouth. Just maybe like a changing table.) But I mostly see it's value in deodorizing during moments of embarrassingly smelly diapers in awkward places -- say a fitting room, and you feel bad for other shoppers trying to enjoy their clothes shopping experience. (So you could just use a tiny sized room spray. Or even perfume maybe?)
  2. Tide pen -- Get out stains on the go. 
  3. Baby soap. I haven't actually used this, but was told its handy if it ever comes down to a really big blow out. And I have the room, so I keep it in there just in case. (You girls have sensitive skin, so I need to switch the soap in there to what works best for you, incase I ever really do use it.)
  4. Baby Lotion. You girls get very dry skin, its never a bad idea to moisturize. (Switched the lotion to the one that works for you -- these are just nice sized bottles.)
  5. Sun Screen. I bought little travel jars, with screw off lids (two came together.) I put our baby sunscreen in one of them. (I need to use on Jasmine's forehead anytime we go out -- she got an ouch that needed stitches, and the best way to minimize scarring is sunscreen every time you see the sun for a full year!)
  6. Vaseline. (In the other travel jar) Stuff is magic for chapped lips (when you toddler won't stop licking them, its hard to make them get better -- but putting this on before we go out in the cold helps.) Its also magic on chapped cheeks (teething drooling babies.) As well as ouchie bottoms. Makes a nice a quick hand moisturizer for you too. Or even makeup remover if ever you are in random need sometime.
  7. Diaper cream. We don't always use it, so it never failed to be out of the diaper bag when one of you got a really sore bottom -- until I made sure to keep a tube in here.
  8. Hydrocortisone cream -- Jasmine has allergies which can cause hives, so having this on hand is necessary. But I think it might work well for bug bites and other itches too.
  9. Another sensitive skin thing -- this is the only cream that really takes care of intense issues for us -- we mainly use it at home during really dry skin spurts -- but I keep it in here just in case. And that way I can keep track of where it is. (Instead of it floating around the house.)
  10.  And one more allergy thing: Chewable "Benadryl" tablets for Jasmine's allergies. (Benadryl doesn't actually make chewable tablets right now, so these are Walgreens brand.) Its a lot easier than carrying around the liquid. And these are necessary for us, incase she accidentally eats something that bothers her. (Before I discovered the chewable tablets (and before Jasmine was old enough to chew up tablets, I poured some Benadryl into an emptied Liquid Baby Tylenol bottle, because it was a smaller size than what you can buy Benadryl in -- better for travel. Or I also see Walgreens brand has pre filled single use spoons which could be nice for younger kids.)

So that's what we take everywhere.
Its obviously not what everyone would need to bring with them, especially the allergy stuff, if your kids don't have those issues. (I pray they don't. And we are praying Jasmine will out grow hers.)
But the idea of getting travel sizes of whatever you do need, all together, makes getting out the door much easier. I just look in my bag and see that my orange pouch is in there, and I feel safe to leave.
(Well I also check for diapers & wipes!) :)


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