Thursday, December 20, 2012

Droopy Drawers

I've been finding all these photos of things I never posted while looking for photos to print for Christmas.
And I have to say,
as I go through everything,
 I am getting crazy wistful.
This past year has been really hard, but really amazing!
If I read my blog posts, its hard for me to hear the amazing. I just hear the hard. (Despite the fact that I really didn't try to dwell on that in posts.) 
If I look at photos, 
I see the amazing
and I just want to cry.

This is just one of many that take my breath away...
We had JUST moved.
I was 21 Weeks Pregnant.
I barely knew where I was.
I didn't know who would delivery my baby.
I was so worried about how this baby would be born.
it was Valentines day,
And I was in love.
With my husband.
With my baby.
Despite the weight of the unknown and the pain of upheaval,
There was joy.
And on top of that---
I cannot ever fully grasp the fact that my body
 has held two different bodies inside of itself.
I stand in awe of God's skill and love.

I can't really put into words what the pictures do to my heart.
That's whats amazing to me...
The pictures aren't showing me the pain, fear and loneliness,
they are showing me the grace, love and miracle of it all.

I can't believe how awesome pregnancy went for me this time.
Emotionally, woah -- hardest thing ever,
physically though-- amazing!
And circumstantially ---
God literally moved me ---
and got me to a place of safety.
I cannot fully wrap my mind around that.
Its just so big still.

Speaking of big
(and cheesy transition lines)

Check out these pants.
Jasmine so often has pants that do this.
I don't know if that's common for toddlers or if its just her little body.

And that was the intended point of this post:
A fix.

For those that will brave the sewing machine.

Its pretty easy.

You just take a piece of elastic, and sew it across the inside of the waist band in the back. 
Cover most the center.

Hold the elastic pulled as tight as you can, towards you, as you sew over it.
(Sometimes I use the zig zag stitch. Sometimes I just use the straight stitch. It works either way.)

And now they fit!

I didn't take enough photos to do a really great tutorial.
(Yeah, you can fix your own pants this way!!)

Sorry for the drama followed up by seemingly random practicality.
Its just where my mind has been, as I scroll through photos of this year.
And I figured I might as well post the sort-of-tutorilas I've documented but didn't share.

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