Monday, December 31, 2012

Bib Makeover

Jasmine wasn't a big drooler.
There was like maybe one week where she would drool enough that her shirt got wet, and then it was over.
She's been soaking her shirt for about 2 months now, and I think there's plenty more to come.

We need bibs!
(That's a new thing for this momma.)

I don't like the bibs that have statements on them.
They just annoy me.
Some more than others.
(Least favorite: "Lil Diva"! I just want to take a sharpie to it and cross out Diva and write Sebastian

So this one's not terrible,
but I wanted to attempt giving it a makeover.

In order to make it a free makeover, I took some clothes out of the donate bin, to cut up and use as fabric.

If I ever cut up something with elastic on it, I save the elastic -- that stuff comes in handy!

Then I cut out about a million circles.

In both the flowered fabric and pink.

Then I cut four little slits around the edge of each circle to make it kind of petal like.

And sewed them on by hand.

The bib actually might have looked best at this point?
Not sure.
But I wanted to cover up the words. 
(I was on a mission)

Here's what I ended up with.
Its cute,
I like it.
Not sure it's awesome.

But the baby is.

I'll probably have more bib posts coming up. I have a bunch of not so cute bibs that need help.
Trying to try new things on them.

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