Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You Can Be Sure I Love You

I know you won't read this now (you can't read) and who knows if it will be here when you're old enough for it to mean something (maybe the internet will eat it, and it may be no more by then) but I wanted to tell you this tonight as I wash up tons of really dirty dishes, and throw in way too many loads of laundry as I trip over toys (well actually the bottom of your big girl bed that is blocking the hallway today):

You can be sure I love you.

You can be sure I love you because,
We got you this awesome new "big girl bed mattress" (which is actually still crib sized, so its plastic covered) and I was really worried about your allergies and the wheezing you get sometimes. So I wiped the mattress down with bleach water (all while you cried because you couldn't lay down on the mattress while I was doing that.) And my hands started to feel on fire later that night. (I don't know, chemical burn? Wear gloves when you use bleach!)

So you can be sure I love you.
I don't start my hands on fire for just anyone.

You can be sure I love you because,
my own personal bed sheets are in the wash right now because they got covered in pee-pee. I'm not gonna name names, but the sheets got wet and they needed to be washed.
And I don't know what was going on, but seriously I had to wash the sheets like 3 times because the wash machine was somehow hiding laundry detergent in a crevice, so every time I pulled it out of the machine it got re-soaped and I had to rewash!

So you can be sure I love you.
I don't wash my sheets three times (all while wishing I was already tucked into those sheets myself) for just anyone.

And to be fair:

I can be sure, Jasmine, that you love me because:
     You sweetly kept asking me, "Are you alright, Honey?" while I held ice onto my fiery fingers all night.
     And also because so often when I ask you do do things, you respond with, "Alright, no problem, mommy." And it's just the cutest darn thing.
     (Well, actually hearing you read "One Little Duck" (with all the words, and great expression) to yourself (while I nurse Ruby) over the baby monitor, is the cutest darn thing ever.)

And I can be sure, Ruby, that you love me because:
     Even when you are crying passionate soulful cries about how your teething gums are in so much pain, you look at me through tears and smile this great big smile that almost makes me cry.

(And those count as things I am thankful for today: Day 14)

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