Monday, October 22, 2012

Weigh-in #9

I'm just gonna be honest.
This week is the biggest fluctuating week of all time.
Normally I stay right with a two pound range every week, and realistically, usually just slowly changing the decimal point of one pound.
Not this week!
This week I've ranged from a low point of only having three pounds left to lose, to a high point of having seven pounds left to lose.
Sadly the 7 pounds left to lose day was this morning! 
The day I need to check in with you!
But I'm not going to get upset.
I think the number is artificially high,
TMI maybe, but I woke up full, full, full of milk this morning.
I just have days like that on occasion when nursing.
 I can't figure out what makes my body do that randomly.
So weighing myself, while nursing isn't always very consistent.

For the most part of this week,
I was seeing that I had four pounds left to lose.
I think I'm at least at 5, but more likely 4,
this week, 
despite the strange weigh-in this morning.

That being said,
I was lazy over the weekend and didn't really count points.
So, that was my own fault.
I was just feel in some burn out and needed a mini break.

I also didn't make it to the pool this week.
I have such a hard time wanting to go at night.
I'm already spent by then,
and I have all these projects I want to get done while the girls are asleep.
Its hard to give that time up!

So there's my honesty.
I'll do better today!

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