Monday, October 1, 2012

Weigh-in #6

Well, I thought for sure this was going to be a 2 lb week.
I mean, one pound feel off just as the week started, surely I could get another to come off too!
But no.
Just a one pound week.

And actually, Saturday morning, the scale told me that pound came back, and I was mad! Like quit this madness, and go buy one of those awesome $12 huge frosting-covered cookie at the grocery store, kinda mad. (And after I finish that, go eat some cake and bread and pancakes. Kinda mad.) Because who really cares...I can button some pants, I'm fine. Give me cookies!
But the rational part of my brain (so weird that you can have such separate things happening at the same time inside yourself) told me that "You know you aren't supposed to weight yourself every day for this very reason, AND you know that while breastfeeding, the scale can totally say different things depending on how recently you nursed."

So despite my desire to throw a pity party sugar festival, I continued on my quest and stuck to my points on Saturday and Sunday.
So that pound was just a flux and I'm now left with 8 lbs to lose.
So thats good. (Despite what my emotions said.)

I need to be better at working out,
I only swam once this week.
And I haven't done my 15 min Ab rehab workout like at all for a long time. I had intended to, so I really should!
Its hard to be motivated to use my free time for workouts. But its good for me (brain included) so I should just do it.

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  1. Good job Lydia! 8# sounds awesome....not far to go at all! I weighed myself Thursday..Friday? Can't remember and I was down 3. 3 at the start of my period? What?! Weird..normally it is up like 5#. Then I came home on Friday and could not for the life of me get the craving for salty and sweet out of my head and I made cookies. I even made effort to fail. Grr...I'm telling you because in hindsight now...should not have done it. You are motivating!


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