Monday, October 29, 2012

Weigh-in #10

Wow! 10 Weigh-ins. 10 Weeks.

That should get my butt into gear right? Seeing that big number?
Hoping to get this whole ordeal over and done with!?

I'm just gonna come out and say it...
guys, I'm lacking motivation.

I'm still overall behaving myself.
But I don't feel like it matters.

And now that I'm getting close to the end, I'm feeling even less pressure to press on.

So for most of the week, the scale has been telling me I have 3 lbs left to lose. (Awesome!)
But of course, the morning I need to do my public weigh in, I have 4 lbs left.

The reoccurring phenomena is not nonsensical.
It's due to the fact that I totally slack off on the weekends.
Which, to be fair is good for my sanity. But does indeed suck for the Monday Morning Weigh-in.

The flux usually corrects itself fairly quickly as I get back into the weekday grind.

I'm just gonna tell you ahead of time...
this week...
this week I have plans to EAT!

My mom is coming to visit.
And one of the many perks of having her around, is that she will watch the girls so Blake and I can go out and have a real date night (as opposed to our take-out and Netflix date night, we usually partake in since we have two little ones about.)
Ames, does not have a lot of food to offer, when you are used to Chicagoland food, or Champaign/Urbana food. (Oh man, can I list off restaurants I miss!) So its not like I have ultra huge plans to awesome places. (I am thinking ahead to February and my birthday, and possibly heading towards the awesome food of my motherland, and eating at every restaurant there until I can't move. lol.) But this week, well, I am just looking forward to getting out, and while I am out, I am eating.

The first thing on my list is COLD STONE CREAMERY!
Because that was on my "as soon as I'm not pregnant anymore" list. And you know what!? I haven't had it yet! Almost four months later! It's high time! AND we have coupons! NICE!

With that in mind....
Anyone have any thoughts on this predicament of my mind:
I am so so so excited to eat Cold Stone Ice Cream. I am so so so excited to go out on a date.
I'm not so so so excited to eat inside Cold Stone.
And it's cold outside now, so we can't take it to a park.
Is there someplace else we could take it?
I'm not able to think of anything, but would love a suggestion if you have one!

enough about all the ways I'm going to totally blow it this week.
(I am so excited.)

I will keep forging on (after having an indulgent date night!) and hopefully stay on track enough to make my goal of Baby Weight gone by Thanksgiving.

P.S. Someone yell at me -- I haven't been to the gym at all this week! Zero times!
Yell at me!

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