Monday, September 17, 2012

Weigh-in #4


I did it!
I buckled down and tried.

I lost 3 pounds this week!

22 pounds down
10 to go

I'm really excited about it.
It makes me feel like, 
"Yes, I can do this!"

I totally adhered to my points this week.
And actually, the first two days I accidentally had too little of points.
I forgot how many I got (after having two weeks of not caring) and thought I got ten less than I actually do! Till I decided to look it up again. lol.
That may account for the awesome three pounds this week.
But I didn't keep doing that, I adjusted to the right number of points -- I don't wanna risk messing with my body's ability to nurse baby A. It really was a total "whoops" on my part.

I also made it to the pool twice this week.
My goal is to go 5 times a week.
But two times is good for my first week back.
I'm continually amazed how much having a baby took out of me.
After having a c-section the first time, I had this totally false impression of how I'd be back to normal in a week or less after a vaginal birth.
Nope, I still feel like I was having an easier time swimming and working out while very-pregnant, than I do right now two months postpartum. 
Its getting easier, but I do feel like I have a long way to go before "I'm back up to speed."
Also, we had some life stuff that kept me out of the pool too -- taking dinner to a friend one night, Blake's work another night.
So I may never really make it to the pool 5 times a week, when I am going at night time (which is the only way to make it happen right now with two little ones.) It might just be impossible -- especially if I join the small group I am thinking I'll join.
I'll just be happy with getting there as much as possible.
(But don't let me, let that turn into once a month -- that would be taking advantage of excuses!)

Some of my favorite foods of the week:
  • Healthy Burritos (Even had some for breakfast a couple times.  I ran out of normal food, hadn't grocery shopped. So I chopped up some carrots very small and thin, some green onion and spiced up some black beans and sautéed it all before putting in in a shell. I liked it. But I am weird.)
  • Oatmeal for breakfast (I make this over night oats recipe, but I don't soak it overnight. Once again, I am weird. I like the oats un-fuffied-up.)
  • Cabbage and Chicken Salad (Kinda like this, but no ramen noodles in butter. And less sugar in the dressing.) (Cabbage is zero points, so you can put heaps and heaps of it in your bowl, while eating less of the rest. Feels good to just keep spooning more and more into your mouth!)
  • And splurging one day on a Grande Mocha Frappuccino (all while keeping within my points!) because it was just that kind of day. (Read: Mommy-burn-out)


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