Friday, June 15, 2012

We're Not A Mystery to You

Song: Watermark - "Mended"

The day was getting heavier.
Just slowly weighing me down.
The clock is ticking.
And I know I have more time.
But I hear it.

My heart is weary already.
And it's not as strong as I wish it were.

I'm sorry.
Help me.

I'm not
Strong enough.

I'm not holding it together.

Hold me.

Keep me.

Take me.


Help me.

Its not my strength
That has gotten me here.

Help me know that.

And help me know
You are still strong enough
To pull me through the rest.

Help me know you.

Because I've confused who you are.

I've lost my eyes in the mist.

And the shapes I'm following
Are lies.

Help me see you.

Help me want to.

Help me to lean into it.

Into you.

I just don't know what else to ask.


I'm so tired.

I don't know how I can stand through this wind.

I don't know how I can even hold onto you in this.

Please just hold me.

I wish I had more for you.

I wish you could find more in me.

I wish I was fearless.

Hold me in my terror,
Wash me clean.

Keep me closer
When I doubt you.
Don't leave me when I ask you to.

Between then and now
Wrap me so tight
I can't breathe.
Be my sustaining.
Wash me clean.

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