Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dear Little #2...

Dear Little #2,

I'm sorry I've been trying to rush you out.
I get it now.
It's not up to me to say what is, or isn't, a good birthday.
Its not my birthday anyway. It's yours.

I did have all these nice days planned out, that seemed really great.

  • Like when I was 38 weeks pregnant --- but that idea wasn't for you. That was so I could get excited about having cut an entire month off my pregnancy time, when comparing it to my last pregnancy's 42 weeks. So yeah, I can see how you weren't totally sold, because that has nothing to do with you.
  • Like Father's Day --- but that wasn't so much for you either, but for your dad. So I can see why you didn't vote for that.
  • Like your sister's birthday --- but yeah, lots of people told me you girls wouldn't really like that. So I guess you took care of that one.
  • And being born in June --- I had a cute reason for that one -- revolving around your name, but its looking more and more like you are thinking July. (Since you have only about 12 hours left to make June's cut off.) 

So I get it now. I do. 
As much as this day will take from me, 
It's your day.
And I'll let you pick. 

But while we are on the subject of you coming out...
I just wanted to tell you that your sister is being so sweet and adorable, and she's been talking to you about coming out.
She's really excited to meet you.
For a good week or more now, she's been using her little voice to ask you to "com'ouwt bebe!"
She's really looking forward to you.
The last few days she's been offering to share all sorts of her favorite things.
She will tell you to "com'ouwt -- have giraffe!" (Mr. Giraffe was her favorite first toy when she was born, and she wants to share him with you. We wind up his music box part and set him on my belly for you to hear for right now, until your are out here to look at him.)
She wants to share her snack cup (and its lid -- which is a very crucial component, you know) AND the popcorn that's been in there lately, with you. She really likes popcorn, so its a pretty big deal. I thought you should know.
She's been using her stethoscope to listen to you and make sure your ok.
She's offered to let you have your carseat. (Which to be fair was her's a while ago, so she's been using it to watch movies in. Or to put baby dolls in, while we wait for you.) And she's been telling you how we will "Opey door. Drive car. Go store." together when we use your carseat.
She's also getting awesome at diaper changing her dolls, and well... she even offer's to change mommy and daddy's diapers (? Everyone wears diapers?) so I think she's making sure she's ready to help us with yours. So don't worry about dirty diapers being an issue for you -- you have three sets of capable hands available for your cleaning connivence. 
And I can't even tell you how many things around the house she will just pick up and say, "Its for bebe."
She's really excited to meet you.
In fact she often starts trying to find you, "where is she?"
Sometimes that means looking around the house for you. But sometimes she starts inspecting mommy's body trying to find you. 
"Com'ouwt play!" She insists.
She's pretty pumped.

I can't promise that you two will get along every minute of every day.
But I can tell you, she's already in love with you.
And that, my little #2, is awesome.
You are a lucky girl.


  1. love this :) Having a sister is an amazing gift! They may hate each other sometimes (though probably not until one is in jr high and the other is eavesdropping outside of Jaina's bedroom door during her slumber party), but when they are older they will be the best of friends :) This is super sweet! Come on baby #2!!!

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