Wednesday, June 27, 2012

40 Weeks Appointments and Pictures

Cue the strobe lights and the music
"She's got the Look. She's got the Look. And I go la la la la. She's got the look"

That's right, I'm waddling down that run way.


I have never felt anything like this.

I'm told the baby is still not right down on it, but let me tell you, I did not get this sensation last time with J. I don't think J ever got anywhere near this close pre-induction.

I don't feel like I can bend anything to do with my pelvis.
I actually got a step stool out so that I can get into bed. And even then its kinda a production to get both legs on the bed.

I think my 2nd-time-around belly finally trumped my 1st-timer belly.
Its currently 13.5 inches bigger than before I got pregnant this time.

Up until last week I had gained 27lbs.
This week I'm up to 29 or 30 lbs.
I think I'm retaining water now, my legs feel puffy.
At least I'm hoping I didn't just add 2 or 3 lbs to the baby in a week! Eek!
I don't really think I could have, I've been eating the same as I have been. But even more salad than normal -- tasting great to me!

so to clarify...

Yesterday was 40 weeks according to me, based on charting my ovulation.

Thursday is 40 weeks according to my last period.

And if this little girl doesn't wanna come out soon enough, I'm gonna beg for my due date to be July 4th, since that's what they gave me at our sonogram. 


I'm trying to tell her she is, in fact, a June baby.

But yeah,
that's part of why I haven't claimed a due date.
Besides the fact that I feel like no one should have a due date, they are dumb!

Her birthday is close now. No matter what.

Yesterday I had my chiro and prenatal appointment.
Chiro went well. I was nervous to get adjusted with the baby being so low and me feeling so immobilized --- I thought it might hurt. But it didn't.
She told me she didn't think the baby feels chubby, just really long. I liked the sound of that.
Baby is in the middle again, but still a bit to the right. is all about baby being on the left for the best results. But my Chiro told her that her midwife swears by faster labors for babies on the right.
hmm. This baffles me.
So I give up on trying to predict anything, and just gonna go with the flow.

Also in general conversation with her we talked about how apparently some women dilate to more than 10. Like someone Blake and I talked to said she dilated to 12. And Tammy my chiro (also a doula) said that yes,  its not uncommon and that can be part of why some women push so long, because a lot of times doctors just say "ok you are at a 10 start pushing" but maybe 10 isn't really "your 10" and you shouldn't be pushing till, say 12.
I never even considered this. But it makes tons of sense. Why would every single body dilate to exactly the same dimensions? We aren't made in a mold.
I found it super interesting.

Then off to my prenatal appointment.
Heartbeat good.
Measuring on track.
I was dilated to a "good 3." (Last time was a "tight 3".) So that's nice.
And we did the most thorough membrane sweep I think the world has ever seen. Which surprisingly was not a big deal, sensation wise.  We also tucked some primrose oil up there to try and encourage more as well.
She wasn't as happy about the baby being a bit to the the right as Tammy. So I had to kinda recenter on my "take it all in stride, leave it in God's hands" thoughts.
(I also think the baby switches it up still, in the car ride there I could feel her feet intermittently on either side.)

I had contractions all afternoon. And I thought they might be going somewhere. But they mellowed out for bedtime.

I'm feeling crampy this morning.

So, yeah, anytime little girl. We are ready for you!


  1. You sound so happy. This is exciting! And you look great!

  2. Lydia,
    I hope you won't mind a guy commenting on your blog,but when I saw your 40 weeks maternity pics I just had to tell you how AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Your second baby looked quite bigger in your womb than the first. That’s probably the reason why it was harder for you to move the second time around. Anyway, how did your post-natal recovery go? Going through some physical therapy wouldn't hurt, and it would've sped up your recovery. That is if you had some trouble afterwards. But if it wasn’t the case, then I’m happy for you. Have a good day!

    Nathaniel Quinn @ Superior Health Care

    1. Hi Nathaniel, Thanks for your random comment. I’m kinda thinking it’s spam. ;)
      My second baby was actually a pound smaller than my first baby. And I actually had a much smoother pregnancy (much, much more mobile than the first time) and a much better, easier delivery and recovery the second time around. But thanks for your interest.

  4. love your pretty legs and feet,wow!


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