Tuesday, January 17, 2012

16 Weeks Pregnant

The Belly:
I'd say it's official now.
I'm not sure, but I feel like the belly is now bigger at this point, than I was last time at 17 weeks. (I've heard you show faster with subsequent pregnancies.)

January 2012

Dec 2009

J is saying, "PICK ME UP!!"


Although I will say Blake is making my life by telling me how I'm "so small this time." Or that I "don't even look pregnant." Do I believe him? Nah, not really -- I was wearing a coat when the second statement occurred. But do I love him more for saying it? YES!

I will say that I am thrilled with the fact that I can still wear my coat. Last time, I wasn't able to wear my coats by like 8 weeks pregnant -- not because of the belly, but the boobs. It totally sucked cause I had a terrible time finding anything that could fit my chest while not being HUGE in the arms. I looked pitiful in all coats. So the fact that this time I can still zip my coat, no problem, look normal, and possibly even "not pregnant" at 17 weeks -- I'm pretty pleased with that!

My belly is starting to feel pregnant. Like, it feels wrong to have any weight press on it, and I like to sleep with "Pilly" my body pillow now. (Blake and I named him Pilly last time around. He kinda became out pet.)

I live in leggings. This has me worried for the almost certain reality of leggings not being cool when my kids are in high school. I may not be able to stop the madness, this addiction could become permeant. They may end up turning me into the makeover police.

I've had a decent amount of headaches this week. Nothing debilitating, just annoying. They are kinda impossible to get rid of. I don't remember having headaches (other than the week before I could take the pregnancy test) last time.
My hips are on and off giving me fits. I know my hips hurt on and off last time -- but I don't remember feeling so gimpy about it. This week I've seriously been limping around like an ogre. (This should get funny when we add in a few months and a few pounds.)
But other than that, I'm feeling really good. Honestly. Those two things are only around on occasion. And thankfully they haven't visited at the same time.

Hmp. Still not all that excited for anything specific. I tried to do some more cooking this week, and once I made the stuff I just didn't like it. And I tried so hard to pick out good stuff -- but nothing was jumping out at me.

I have been liking apples and peanut butter. Apples are just so refreshing!

Oh and I guess there is one weird thing I've been eating: cans of stewed tomatoes, I add a pinch of water and a couple seasonings (including cayenne pepper) and heat it up. I don't think its all that werid -- its basically tomato soup. But Blake was like "Wow! So is that just what your pregnancy is craving?" in an kinda of incredulous voice.

And tonight I had what I might consider was perhaps my first pregnancy craving (but to be fair -- I love this stuff regardless of circumstance): Chipotle. Blake was nice enough to go get us some tonight. (Although I suspect he was just as excited as I was to not be eating the same leftovers we have been living off of for like 3 days in a row!)

I'm feeling more and more. It still flutters. And I think with J, she was pulling off some harder jabs at this point. So its just the start of seeing the personality of this little one.
I'm also feeling that tight sorta like a push feeling. So either this baby likes to do hand stands sideways, or I've started to wonder if its some braxton hicks.
(Part of me kinda hopes it is braxton hicks, since I seriously had like none last time and I couldn't get labor started on my own last time -- so hoping good thoughts this time. And yes, its normal to have irregular braxton hicks starting as early as 6 weeks -- so no body get scared for me.)

I'm starting to feel more attached to this baby, the more I feel them move. And yet on the other hand I still feel a bit oblivious much of the time. This pregnancy is going by sooo much faster than the last. I don't have much time to think about it. But the neat thing is, that even if its not on my mind, its continually more real.

I seriously am falling more and more in love with her. I've always loved her, had fun with her, and enjoyed my time with her, but this age is just outstandingly they awesome. I love watching her personality become more and more conveyable.
I'm thinking of her more and more as a person of her own, instead of "my baby." And it's not in a wistful "why does she have to grow up" way, but in such awe of who she is becoming. I'm so proud of her.

Last week I mentioned our woes of nursing.
It actually turned around for the better pretty quickly. I think it took 3 days (maybe only 2?) and she was back to normal.  We are still nursing when she asks, but she isn't asking quite so much now. And she has really gotten into her rice milk. I like that she is drinking something other than water (she often refuses juice) because her weight gain plateaued for a while -- so I like her getting calories from anywhere right now. (And I think we are finally adding a bit of weight on her. yay.)

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