Friday, November 11, 2011

7 Weeks Pregnant

A few weeks ago we found out we are expecting Baby #2!!
We are ecstatic.

A friend of mine had a baby a couple months ago and she did the cutest blogging while she was expecting.  So I'm blatantly stealing her set up with these categories I'll be using as I blog through this pregnancy. (Thanks Jill!)

The Belly: I found out I was expecting at 5 weeks and by 6 weeks I was happily putting on my maternity jeans.  Sometimes it seems like women boast of how long they stay in their regular jeans, but having been through this once before, I put no stock in that kinda thing.  In the limited pool of my peers who've had babies, I haven't seen a correlation between how long you can stay in your jeans with how fast you get back in them.  And to be honest, I'm totally prepared to take a good long time to get that button closed again next summer---and I'm glad I'm in that place.  I cared way too much last time.  This time I'm just gonna watch it all happen and enjoy it. (And be comfy while I do it! :) )
I don't have a picture yet, because it doesn't actually look different (I can still button my pants), it just feels different.
Actually funny story:
Blake took me to a symphony this week (loved it).  About a week before that, I tried on a dress of mine that I thought would be perfect for the occasion and that I'd like to wear one last time before it doesn't fit for like a year. The day I tried it on it fit great, a little loose, and the design of it has pleats that make it so the belly can pouch out --- so I thought, "oh yeah this will be perfect next week." The day of the symphony I put the dress on and all of it (but the belly) is tight---mainly in the ribs and hips! I forgot that pregnancy happens to the whole body, not just the belly.  I still wore it, but I won't be putting it on again.

Physically: I made it to 6 weeks pregnant without a single pregnancy symptom (other than peeing every 30 mins) and I was thrilled.  It was seeming that I would get off scot-free the second time around.  (With J I was sick by 3.5 weeks---before I could even confirm I was pregnant!)  But by 6.5 weeks this time the nausea came to town.  Stink!
I will say its not as bad as last time, but there are aspects of it that are more trying this time around. Mainly this: J's favorite food right now is smoked sausage.  It's practically the only thing she will eat. The smell of it has become more and more disgusting to me.  And the scent clings to anyone who eats it.  So the other day I was seriously crying because I was home alone and I could hardly stand to be by my daughter who smelled like sausage.  (Yes, I find this hilarious already.)  So... after a good and lovely bath we were refreshed and moving on to trying a new food she will love that I can stand---wish us luck!

Food: Who knows?  I was/am trying to take it easy on carbs to hopefully keep both my weight and the baby's weight more in line this time.  And that was going well until the nausea got the best of me---and the only thing that would calm my churning was cereal and crackers.  But I foresaw this coming, and since I'm not worried about the baby packing on pounds at this point I'm not too upset. I'll work on getting back on track later when I feel better.
As far as what sounds good and what doesn't---it changes with the wind.
But WATER---I can NOT get enough.  Its' like I've run a mile in the heat at all times.  SO THIRSTY! And sometimes I drink myself slawshy queasy (and yet I'm still not unthristy yet!)

Feeling: Regardless of queasiness, I'm so excited.  And I'm so looking forward to this pregnancy.

Baby: I've yet to have my 1st prenatal visit.  But I have had two blood tests done to make sure baby is implanting and growing well---and the numbers came out great---higher (better) than expected.  So sounds good!
Something I've been pondering is that, since I've had phantom baby kicks ever since J was born,  I'm really wondering how I'm going to tell when it's actually the real baby early on. ( I can't wait to feel them in there!)

Other: I'm pretty pumped to churn out (and by churn out I mean, a couple slowly here and there) some blog posts on my obsession with maternity wear now that I will be wearing it again.  Stay tuned! 

Oh and P.S. 
If you plan to keep up with me and this pregnancy, please do your very best to adhere to the idea of "If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all" when leaving any comments.  Sometimes pregnant women get offered "advice" that is a little iffy in regards to weather it's actually nice.  I'm full of hormones, so I may not always read what you write in the context in which you meant it.  Just fair warning.  I reserve the right to delete things that get to me.  :)


  1. You're welcome! haha. I'm so excited for you guys! I will love keeping up with your posts. :)

  2. Really excited for you! If you want to talk, you know how to find me. {I have prenatal vitamin recs if you are interested.}
    Also, I know we talked a lot about diet and such pre pregnancy, but a lot of that goes out the window during the first trimester. Simply keeping down food is the vital part, so if crackers do it, then eat those crackers guilt free! :)

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