Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Public Misses Me?

If in fact what my husband just told me is true, they do.

I've been away from my blog far longer than I meant to.
Actually I had a blog entry all photographed up, just needing to be written last month.
     at the end of June
                      was J's 1st Birthday!

 AND, apparently when my first child has a first birthday,
         the entire month is mentally occupied and blogging just doesn't enter in the mix.

Here J commands her audience to clap along with her.  She has them eating out of her hands!

More Cake!  (She had two celebrations.)
This cake had no sugar, because the last cake equaled all night partying.  And mommy is getting too old for that!  ;)

She's leaning back enjoying her crowd --- just basking in the limelight.

And soon after that we took a family (reunion) trip to North Dakota during the Fourth of July.
Celebrating Independence Day at the rodeo

Beautiful Scenery

Blake's grandparents' house nestled at the bottom of the mountain

Gorgeous sunset after the rodeo

Blake's grandparents and their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren
(You can see us on the left.)

Blake's family
(on the left again)

This photo taken at the top 
is proof that
I climbed that mountain!
I'm not the most athletic.
You should be impressed.

And then when we got home, well, I needed to get the laundry done, get some groceries, and hmm...  I was going to say baby, but she is a big girl now... and I needed to get the big girl back on schedule, not to mention help my hubby recover from wisdom teeth extraction that he had done the day after we got home.  And before you know it, it's the middle of July!  Wow.

So on to blogging once more.  (I hope.)


  1. Lydia, I am ashamed to admit it has taken me this long to check out your blog! Terrible sis-in-law! This is fantastic! Great job. Love reading about what your thinking and doing. And of course about my beautiful niecey! I am so excited to hear that you're going to share at mom2mom. Kiss J for me! XO AW

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