Friday, June 3, 2011

Easy Peasy Feeding Discreetly

I'm a puller-downer.
That sounds like some kind of dramatic life statement.
But I'm talking Nursing.

My ultimate preference in nursing-wear is anything I can pull down from the neckline, as opposed to pulling up from the waist.  
When I'm holding my baby, while I have a nursing pillow around my waist and I'm am trying to yank my shirt up from underneath that pillow --- it just feels ridiculous.  Not to mention the frustration of trying to keep that shirt from falling back down and getting in our way the whole time baby is feeding.
 So I quickly began to gravitate to any top I could just pull down below my breast.  It is a piece of cake to work with --- so fast and there is nothing getting in our way.

Knit shirts with lots of stretch are perfect for nursing this way.  That's pretty much all I wear; when I'm at the store now-a-days, I can be seen tugging at the neckline of everything on the racks. 
Crossover necklines also work well as they can be pulled to the side.  

Another benefit of this technique is that it keeps your belly covered. 
(That poor thing would like some privacy after months of hard work.)  

But what about your breast?  It's kinda just out there this way.

Here is a super easy way to nurse discreetly in public:
I'm gonna do a 'how to make a homemade nursing top' project
and you don't even have to know how to sew to do this. 
You just need some scissors.  

And a tank top.

(I got this white one at the thrift store,
 and the black one I've had for like 8 years now and figured it was time to give it a new life.)

Put it on and mark the spot under your boobs.

(Full disclosure: Those boobs and that waist are not a match set.  I put on my just-had-a-baby bra and stuffed it with washcloths.  I've theorized that God was just making sure we wouldn't just run off to the beach, leaving our baby behind, when he matched our new mommy waist to our new mommy boobs.  Anyway, I don't think this type of bra stuffing action is necessary for most women, as I hear a cup size or two is normal change, whereas my body went for the gold --- going up 5 sizes.  So to make sure I wouldn't underestimate for next time around I thought I'd mark my shirt according to my old size.)

So yeah,
Once you mark your shirt with a pencil
 (or by cutting a teeny tiny hole, as I did here on the black shirt where pencil doesn't show),

take it off and cut off the bottom part.

Now you have a break dancing shirt.

Just kidding. 

Now you have a perfect nursing layer to go under any top.

Check it out,

all you have to do is pull up on the under layer,
pull down on your top's neckline ---
 you reveal almost nothing.

your baby will hide the rest.

And I don't know if it's because I had a summer baby but
 I want as few of layers on as possible while I'm a nursing momma. 
In my "former life" I  used to always be cold, 
but something about nursing just makes me a warm body now. 
Having fewer layers on, especially in warm weather, is a must!

What else is this fun half-shirt contraption good for?

Sometime nursing bras are a bit bigger than you might like, sticking out of tank tops, ect.
You can use this half tank to thicken up tank's straps.

And it's ideal for keeping the newfound mommy cleavage under wraps.

Why, you can even use it to do all these same things 
you are pregnant,
 because it doesn't matter how big your belly is, the half-shirt doesn't need to fit it!

How versatile!

Who knew all you would need is a pair of scissors to make a Nursing Tank Top
to make a Maternity Tank Top!

Okay, now don't throw away that bottom piece of the shirt we cut up!

We are going to do something awesome with it 
in the next post!
Stay tuned...

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  1. I LOVE your handiness! It's great. I will definitely make a few of these for next time. :) Right now, I'm at the point with E where I can say, not now -- later! :)


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