Sunday, March 20, 2011

The pilot

I keep thinking about TV show pilots, and how after you've really gotten into a show and then catch the pilot again, it seems strange --just not quite right. The characters don't seem themselves. The plot is kinda kooky.

I know this is the pilot.
I can't seem to figure out how to start this blog.
It feels daunting.

I think in pilots, the writers are afraid to put the character's whole self out there. It seems like the audience won't be able to handle it. And maybe they couldn't. But I think its really more about being self conscious. It seems more about testing the waters and seeing how we are received, before we have the all clear to be real.

Or maybe its just that its hard to put a whole person into a small box.
How do you get across all that you need to? Where do you start?

I feel totally stumped about starting this blog.
I have so many ideas to share. So many projects I'd love to lend my hand to. There is just so much I've worked on and studied up on that I hope you could be able to benefit from. Its just I don't know where to begin.

So I'm starting here.
With an admission that I feel a bit self conscious about putting myself out there for world to see.
(I have seen so many people hurt by words typed up that it terrifies me to step foot into this arena.)
With an admission that I don't feel like an expert on anything at all, so I'm still a bit baffled at how my blog will accomplish anything at all.
And with an admission that I am not sure how much time I can even devote to this blog (my cutie pants ma-gee needs me, you know.)

But I admit that, despite all these things, am totally excited about this blog.

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