Monday, November 5, 2012

Weigh-in #11

Still 3 lbs left to lose.
And I have to say, I'm happy with that.
I basically, in essence, spent last week trying to gain weight.
Not really, but I ate a LOT.
Add up left-over Halloween candy (we always seem to live somewhere where no one trick-or-treats) that I couldn't keep my hands off of.
Plus two date nights, one including tons of ice-cream, the other a buffet.
And yeah.
Staying the same weight was kinda awesome.
Last week was a undeclared food holiday, since my mom was in town, so Blake and I got to have a real date night.
(It was the first time we were in a theater in Iowa, where I was not pregnant. We both felt like that felt kinda weird. I however did enjoy sitting with improper posture! Woohoo, no titlted-baby-fears!)

Hopefully I can get my head back in the game now.
Cause really, at this point I keep thinking "what's three pounds?" "Who cares?"

Motivate me, people!
(lol. I know, motivation comes from within. But seriously... Motivate me!)

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  1. Yay! Good job! I'm having a hard time with motivation too....about the time I see some weight different my period comes and I literally gain sometimes 5-7# when that I get disappointed and sad and it all starts over again. Currently I am trying to motivate myself with- I get to get my nice jeans altered when I reach my goal weight. Pick a reward for yourself this has helped me in the past- getting to go shopping, extra special gift at christmas time, etc. You can do it! You've done great!


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