Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week 4 (Of Being a Mommy of Two)

How long am I gonna keep up with these weekly updates? Only time will tell...

The past week was the week of the purple people eaters!
I thought I had thrush. (I mean I think I was right, but I never really really know when it's thrush, ya know? When you google it, the definition is basically, "If you hurt and you didn't before you might have thrush, but you might have anything.")
So yeah, I called my midwife and she suggested Gentian Violet.
It this liquid you paint on that kills the yeast, but it dyes anything it touches purple! And it takes a few days to wear off (after the the 3 days of application.)
So yeah we looked pretty hilarious.

I, as a loving mommy, had to take a "one last cute and normal photo" before I started the stuff:

And now I apply the Gentian Violet:

So we wore hideous clothes all week, because it dyes those too.
The girls chests were purple from the excess. Baby A's arms and hands were purple from newborniness.
My shoulders were covered in purple from baby drool and spit up.
And of course a couple of my women parts were purple as well.
We looked crazy!
I kept saying we looked homeless, but really that makes no sense, how many homeless people have purple faces? Umm like none?
But our clothes were GROSS!
A nice man from church dropped of a meal for us that week, and I felt just totally embarrassed of our general state. lol.

It wore off eventually. But I kept feeling so sad to look at poor Baby A, she had just gotten her baby acne and this really flaky skin just as I had to give her the joker's purple smile. It was not her best look.

J never got baby acne, so I feel sad for Baby A's skin. But as for the dry flaky skin, I've been massaging olive oil into it for two days and it seems to really be helping. It kinda rubs the flakes off, and seems to help keep less from forming. And it kinda seems like its helping her baby acne too. (I have skin like that -- I break out worse when my skin isn't moisturized.)

Baby A is getting really good at holding her head up. She's a strong-y.

J's loving having her sister in bed with her (for a few minutes)

 Saturday we went as a family on an Adventure.
We decided we would drive to the Quad Cites (3 hours away) to shop and follow that up by going the rest of the way to Galesburg (another hour) to see Blake's family so they could meet Baby A.
I was really happy to go see family (and it would have taken 4 hours to get there with or without the shopping) but I'm not made for travel.
I never get the packing ready well enough, so on the way out I'm always losing my mind. And somehow the kids are always losing their mind too (well in the past there was only J there to lose her mind.)
So I won't be taking any LONG drives to shop anymore. But I will be visiting family again. And maybe I will remember to pack ahead of time. (To be fair, this trip was last minute, so I really didn't slack on the packing.)

Speaking of shopping...
I found this fashion blog for moms.
Pretty cool that one even exists!
It covers: pregnancy, postpartum, nursing, and just plain keeping up with the kids friendly fashion.
It's call Ain't No Mom Jeans.
I'm slightly obsessed for the time being.
I'm not sure the styles are totally up my ally. And the price points are way over my budget. But I love the general premise. And I intend to use it for my own style and budget as I rebuild my wardrobe post baby. (I never really got a wardrobe up and running after J was born since I was always changing sizes.)

And in regards to fashion, one's mind turns to the body.
I'm feeling ready to start eating healthy and get the baby weight off.
But I'm still not quite mentally there yet.
I think I'm having a hard time because...
last time I started losing weight I was fighting for my VBAC already. So the goal wasn't anything to do with looks at all.
This time, while of course I have my health still in mind, I am sorta focused on looks. So I kinda feel this weird hesitance to oblige myself, since it feels so much less-worthy of a cause.
And I am really feeling ready to go to the gym again.
I'm only 4 weeks out now, so its not really time to do that again. Maybe some tread mill time. But we aren't that organized yet.
I crave swimming, but I definitely can't do that yet. But man seeing all those Olympians, in the water makes my skin crave the feeling. I'm excited to get back. (Now that's surprising! A Lydia who WANTS to work out! I've been transformed apparently!)

Ok, more thoughts, but end of post. Hungry Baby.

 J's been wearing socks on her hands -- one of her favorite things to do right now.

 Playing "Where's J?" (Under a blanket, laughing)
 "Here Am"

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