Monday, August 20, 2012

Time to Lose the Baby Weight

Ok I need your help!
I'm seriously lacking drive and focus at this point.
It's been two years of me being really intense about food.
And to be honest, I am totally burnt out.
I gave myself permission to eat anything I wanted right after Baby A was born.
And I have.
And honestly, since my tastebuds were still wonky, it wasn't all that great. (Stink!)
But I got my sugar-craver back during that time. (Stink again!)
So right now all I'm thinking about (again) is cookies! (What's with me and cookies?)
(Too much cookie monster -- J loves cookie monster --- yeah that's got to be it. ;) )
But I want to get the baby weight off.
And eating pop tarts, frozen pizza, pop, cookies and butter pecan ice-cream isn't gonna get me there.

I don't regret giving myself that month off.
And I'm not mad if it sets me back as far as when I get the baby weight off.
It seriously just needed to happen.
I needed some freedom.

But anyway,
Now that my goal (my VBAC) has happened (you see, that's honestly the only thing that got me to lose the weight before --- my shear determination to give myself the best chance at a VBAC) I don't really feel the strength in me this time to get the extra pounds off.
I keep fighting lame-o thoughts that tell me there is no reason to do it this time. "Just eat the cookies!"
And wow do those thoughts sound intelligent!
But they are wrong.
I need to stay healthy for my family.
To be the best mom I can for my girls and a healthy wife for my husband.
Eating cookies all day long is not nice to anyone. (Except my tongue!){Queue: Cookie Monster crunching sounds.}
Its not a good example.
And its not good stewardship.

I need to eat healthy.
And get back to my good ol' healthy BMI.

{And I need to realize this is not vanity talking here. Another excuse that keeps buzzing around my head.}

I'm not putting a deadline on the weight loss.
But lets be real, faster is preferable. Because then I can get back to thinking a little less about food sooner. (I need to get out of this mental space asap!)

Since I am seriously not strong enough to do this on my own anymore.
{Totally burned out.}
I'm about to do something scary....
Duhn duhn Duhnn

And yes, dear reader, please {seriously} please comment. 
(You can seriously just write "I read it." Or you can say happy things to me -- that's always welcome!)
So I know people are reading.
So I can have a motivation.
Otherwise, I'm probably going to be making a batch of cookies every other day, and demolishing them by myself!
So, you see, you are needed.

I probably should join weight watchers so that I would have an accountability group.
But I don't want to/really shouldn't spend them money.

So I'm gonna do what I did last time, and use their ideas.

My goals
are to stick to the allotted number of points every day. And workout at least 5 times a week. (Initially I'm gonna go easy and work my way up. Hopefully I can start swimming soon -- seriously can't wait -- darn post-baby-stuff.)

And then I will blog about where I am at once a week to keep accountable.
(So even if you don't comment -- which you SHOULD! {PLEASE!} I'm still going to be putting it out there.)

If anyone wants to join me...
You can determine your allotted number of points here.
This is a list of what most foods are worth.
And if its not on the list you can use this calculator here to find out.

Where I am at now.
(I'm not going to blog my actual weight because I don't want this to be a comparison thing for anyone, myself included. I will just reference pounds and inches above pre-pregnancy weight.)

I've lost 18lbs.
(All but one of those pounds came off by unpregnifiying. Then I ate all that food and stayed the same weight for a month. The last pound I lost this week with points counting.)
I need to lose 14 more pounds to get to my pre-pregnant weight.

My belly has shrunk an incredible 8 inches just by unpregnifiying. Bodies are awesome!
I have 4 inches to go to get to my pre-pregnant waist.
(This I think will take longer than the weight loss, which is fine. It just takes a while for the whole thing to happen. I doubt I be posting much change on this very often yet, but I will post when it matters.)

Here we go!
(And thanks in advance!)

Oh and P.S.
I need you to comment now, because I'm about to go on a family visiting trip this weekend, and that always equates to good food -- so I need to know you are gonna be asking me how it went!


  1. You can do it!!!,
    Have you thought about using a fitness app like lose it or my fitness pal?
    I know with the lose it app you can have friends which is a nice motivator. You can see when your friends have worked out and their weight loss achievements!

    Good luck!

  2. You can do it, Lydia! Cala is 9 months old and I still have 10 pounds to go to get back to that prepregnancy weight. Baby number 5 is taking much longer than babies 3 or 4 (I wasn't a very healthy weight before baby 3 was born) but I'm trying to give myself a little more grace, since she has been by far the most difficult baby. I've found it's very difficult to eat healthy even be active when you are getting so little sleep. The last 6 pounds have actually come off since we moved and she started sleeping better! I'm not sure if it's the extra sleep or the extra activity, but I'll take it any way I can get it. I hope this works for you!

  3. I ate 6 hand fulls, err half a bag of chocolate chips today. My eating stinks. Crackers, cheese and chocolate are my regular diet. I will attempt this with you.

  4. one of my friends tummy was completely flat just after she had her 3rd baby - i asked her how she did it, and she said, "oh, i never leave the house without wearing a belly band/girdle thing" - so, i did some research on amazon and the reviews say amazing things about the squeem shapewear thing - i just ordered one for myself, i'll have to tell you how it goes!

  5. Read it! And I support you! Excited to see your success.

  6. I am just reading this and not sure if it's too late or what, but I found that if you eat the right food, then the weight loss will be easier. So what's the right food? Real food. i.e. nothing processed. Also eating protein will keep you full longer. Hunger is bad when losing weight. I try to stay away from sugar and grains in order to keep my weight. I say 'keep' because (and please don't hate me) I lost all the baby weight within 2 weeks of birth. Of course, I gained only 20 lbs so could be why. My doughter is 7 months now and I am still breastfeeding her. Now eating healthy for me is very important. Hence REAL food.

    Just stick to real food with one ingredient, fresh veggies, meat/fish, fruit and water.

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