Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 2 (Of Being a Mommy of Two)

Week 2 was our first week on our own. My mom had headed home.
I definitely got teary eyed when she left.
I knew I was going to miss her.
AND I was really scared to be alone with TWO little lives I'm responsible for! (How crazy is that? I'm in charge of PEOPLE!)
I was also nervous about my stamina as I was still feeling a little wimpy from delivery.

But surprisingly, I felt much better pretty much as soon as week 2 started. I almost can't even feel my episiotomy anymore. That's a nice surprise. I was expecting it to have a longer healing time. And besides that, I'm just feeling more myself. I haven't felt lightheaded this week.
During Week 1, I would get winded and my heart would start having to really work hard just to walk a short ways. This week I don't notice that happening (However I will say I've been in the  house all week. But I just feel more energetic.)
None of that stuff was I expecting to happen. And I'm not sure they happen to many moms. But I'm glad it didn't last too long.

So far I've lost 17 lbs, which puts me at my First Pregnancy's Pre-pregnant Weight currently. Which is kinda awesome emotionally. {But doesn't really mean much in terms of this pregnancy's pre-pregnant weight. :) (15 lbs left to get there.)}
I have no idea how that compares to last time's postpartum weight loss. The first weight I can remember  postpartum was from 3 months after J was born. I didn't weight myself much initially.

I'm not pushing the weight loss this time. In fact this week I've spent eating whatever I want. Sadly I don't really want to eat anything specific.
Ridiculous, I know. Yeah, the girl who had a list of carb-a-rific foods 30 miles long that I had intended to stuff my face with after Baby A came out -- isn't eating those foods!
I think I slightly ruined food for myself during this pregnancy.
I think it will get better.
But as of right now, I just don't have a taste for much.
But lets not lie, I am eating a lovely share of Butter Pecan Icecream, brownies and cookies, oh and lets not forget chocolate pop tarts. (And pop.)
I feel a little guilty because now I know (like really know) that those are no good for me. But seriously, that's just about all I want to eat. I am starving all the time, but not excited to eat. So for now, I will let the junk food slide. :) Later on I will kick it back into health mode.

So... J has been so sweet to A.
She seriously just loves her. She asks to "hold-her" a lot. And when she does hold her she spends the whole time saying "Awww so cute. So Little. So cute. Tiny fingers. So cute." (Cute sounds like Toot.) Anytime A sneezes, J rushes over saying "Bess-you Baby. Bess you. Bess you. Bess you." She loves to climb up on the step stool to see her sister on the changing table. She loves talking about when she smiles or when the baby is "talking." Its so sweet.  She has transitioned so much better than I ever expected to being a big sister.
I mean don't get me wrong, there are still moments that are hard for her. Like one day this week she had a rough wake up from her nap and Baby A was hungry right then. So the only thing for J to do was just sit next to us and cry and cry. I felt bad, but there wasn't much I could do until Baby A was full.
But overall J is doing awesome with the changes.

Baby A has been a great baby so far. She's very mellow. There have only been a few times where she insists on being held, but so far the rest of the time she's been really content overall. She's been sleeping really well. And I am still holding my breath hoping that sticks around forever!
She does spit up more than J did. She just has a tendency to overeat. (J used to eat until full and then fall asleep.) Baby A just nurses forever, but then she explodes. So I'm trying to get the hang of figuring out how much she needs and being able to distract her for a while after she reaches that point, so she doesn't need to spit up the excess.

The interesting part of Week 2 has been our Air Conditioning.
It's been doing this weird thing for a least a month now, where it would leak water all over, and our carpet was getting soaked.
For a while we tried to just keep it under control because we were planning the home birth and didn't want to worry about having a repair man here while I was in labor.
Now that we didn't need to worry about that we had the repair guys come.
It took a full week to get the issue taken care of.
Starting Tuesday we had guys coming over to "fix" it every day. And they would leave and it wouldn't be better. Finally our rental place decided to have a whole new Air Conditioning unit installed. So Friday that got put in.
It was fairly trying having all those repair men here all week. This was my first week alone with the girls. And then I'm having to worry about nursing while these guys are here all the time.
I made it through pretty well.
But by Friday I was pretty exhausted by it all.
Friday was the longest day of that. The guy showed up at 8am to start replacing the unit and it wasn't finished until around 2pm. So it was getting hot by the time he left. And I didn't have any chance for a nap of my own while he was here because he kept needing to inform me when he needed to leave and get more tools and things.
Once he left, we found out it was still leaking. It was a simple fix. But that meant today (Monday) we had to have one more repair guy come.
All I can say is, Thank goodness we don't have to pay for all these visits! Renting can be a great thing!

But yeah, so if I can handle all that -- I think I'm gonna be able to take care of these two! :)

Bring on Week 3.

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