Wednesday, May 23, 2012

34 Weeks Pregnant

This week kinda just slid by me.

Other than our Family Date Day to the zoo,
that we had on Saturday, I don't remember much of this week.

I did do a fun project that I'll have to do a post on, involving some paint and thrift store finds. But I have yet to get the set up figured out for my wall. So it may be a few days before you can see.

This week my fingers a smidgen bigger, and swell a bit on walks.

My belly measures an inch smaller than last week on the tape measure. Oh the mysterious ways of the belly. (Is it just the baby sticking herself out there some days?) But I'm kinda happy with seeing that smaller number, because it grew a ton last week, and I was worried I was gonna need a wheelbarrow-belly-wheel-chair by the end.

And as of right now, I haven't gained anything from last week. (But that doesn't mean anything about tomorrow, I'm sure the pound is around the corner.)
This week Blake told me I'm looking big too him now. Poor guy, he tried explaining himself, that he meant that just the baby is getting big. But I didn't take it too well.
I guess I have to get big at some point, right? That's the whole point, really. I am two people right now.

I keep counting down the weeks I have left. I keep doing the countdown because I cannot believe how soon this baby will be here! I think I'm still really unaware of the fact that I'm having a baby in the full sense of the word. I've been looking back at J's baby photos, and any and all baby photos I come across on Facebook and trying to grasp the fact that I'll be holding someone like that soon. (Outside my belly.) I keep seeing tiny baby faces, and getting excited thinking "Oh wow, I loved when J would do that!" So I'm looking forward to reliving it. But its been hard for me to figure out how I'll be having a new baby, not just having J again. (If that makes any sense.)

Speaking of J, she is only one month away from being TWO!! How is it possible that its been two years since I had her? And at the same time, how has it only been two years of having her a part of my life? Its hard to remember life without her there.

At my chiro appointment this week she seemed very pleased with how I'm evening out, so that made me happy since I was worried about all that sitting in the car I did last week. Baby's still floating up higher. Which at 34 weeks is pretty normal I think. But we are all hoping to get her engaged by 37 weeks.
Part of me is really confused by this idea. Since I've heard and read that in first time mom's babies often engage at 38 weeks, and in mom's who've already had a baby they often do not engage until early labor. So I kinda have a hard time figuring out how we are going to get this to happen. But I want it to happen, because I see that as a huge help in getting me into labor.
Tammy, my chiro, mentioned that we could start "belting me" we a maternity support belt right after adjustments in order to help baby get down in there. The first time she mentioned it I emotionally hoped we wouldn't have to do it, just because I'd like my body to do it "on it's own" kinda thing. But I've since gotten over that and am ready go buy a belt. (Regardless of if she's said we need it or not yet.)
     I'm trying not to get too obsessed with the idea of her engaging. I think, for how worried I have been in the past about going into labor or not this time, I'm doing pretty well overall. But I am feeling a little jittery over it lately. I'm going to be seeking out a pep talk at my next prenatal appointment on Thursday. (I'm full term in 2 weeks! Is that not crazy!)

Food has been flustering. I just still don't care for much. I've mainly been living off smoothies, and chips an salsa. I feel guilty about the carb-i-ness of the chips. But I still don't think its out of control. And in comparison to my last pregnancy's diet, I know its better, even if I don't think I'm eating "perfectly." And I have to eat. I don't know why its so hard to get into food this time.

(Speaking of food... Week 35 sneak peak: I get sick and hate all, all, all food! And that is why I didn't take a photo on Tuesday. I felt too yucky. And why this post is ending abruptly, No more energy to write.)


  1. I was looking at these photos on facebook and thought that J looks especially adorable in these pictures. Something about her seems different! she is starting to look like an older sister.

    And the adorable dress helps too!

  2. I have been looking for a dress exactly like this throughout my whole pregnancy. Any memories on where it is from?

    1. Surprisingly it was an online Walmart buy! Sadly they only offered it for a very short time. It was a great purchase. I wish they kept it around.

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