Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10 Weeks Pregnant

The Belly: 
Its up and down, all around.
I'm beginning to realize that, sadly, the baby won't be pooching out there for a while. (You would think I would know that from experience, but the excitement of new life just erases logic at times.)
I bloat in and out for now.
Even my chest "bloated" yesterday. Since I'm still nursing J, my chest hasn't been doing much growing (as opposed it what it did last time: by this point last time I was already at least 2 sizes bigger, if not more) which honestly, I appreciate the lack of growth this time. But yesterday all of a sudden the winter coat I've been wearing was very, very tight in the chest. And then today its back to how its been. Weird.
My weight is the same story. I think I've gained about 3 lbs, but I don't know because its just as erratic. When I went to my first prenatal appointment I almost lost my mind because I thought I gained 8 lbs in the first 8 weeks, but a couple days later I found that it was actually only 2 lbs. Phew!

These pictures are getting boring, not a whole lot to show ya!

I'm getting bored with them. I don't really like fitted stuff because, right now I just look pudgy not preggy. And I don't really like lose stuff cause it tends to look dumpy. I'm really getting excited to show! (I know, I'll slap myself come June! :) )

I think I'm starting to come out of the woods first trimester wise. This week has been hit or miss. With some points being really, really bad --- but its weird because it seems like its less morning-sickness-feeling, and more just plain old bad-indigestion-feeling when it hits. But I've definitely had many hours of feeling normal, which is a wonderful revelation.
(I forgot to mention that I was informed by that really sweet nurse a while back, that breastfeeding while pregnant can actually really curb nausea! So hey, it has its perks!)

Oh and I had my 1st hip pain this week. Just for like 5 mins. But I remember I had hip pain on and off the whole time with J. (You go your whole adult life thinking you have "birthing hips" and then your body informs you that they still need to get wider! :) )So I kinda embraced it and got excited when it hit me this week. Hilarious when I think about the stuff that makes me happy at times.

ehh. I don't know. The range of acceptable is widening. I can eat more meat again, and it tastes good to me but I hate smelling it.

Getting antsy to get to the second trimester already! I forgot how tedious the 1st trimester is. Its just kinda like having the flu for a long time with not a lot to show for it (at least thats how it feels.) Honestly this pregnancy is flying by compared to last time (I hear thats normal since having a little one already keeps ya busy,) but still the 1st trimester is soo long. (Lets forget about 3rd for now.) I'm getting so anxious to feel some good kicks, and to get a real belly.

In other news, I am extra enjoying the Christmas season right now --- nothing like pregnancy hormones to make you really sentimental.  I'm having all these endless revelations about how good God is, and how awesome Jesus was to come as a baby, and how intense God's provision was for Mary and Joseph.....oh so many thoughts. I get weepy over them at times.

I think I felt a really good flutter this week. I think I did! :)

J is getting cuter by the second! I don't know how she does it! I know my fam can't get enough photos of her, so here is a couple we took together when I did the belly picture.

Giving Hugs
(They are the best!)

Christmas Time

Other, Other:
I've been curious how much faster I will start showing with #2, since everyone says you show much quicker than with your first. SO I thought I'd start doing some side by side Pregnancy #1 and Pregnancy #2 shots.
I think it will be a good month or even two before the point of my experiment becomes evident. But who knows, that's why I'm intrigued!

So for what its worth here are my comparisons so far.

                           Oct 2009                                                          Oct 2011

                                Nov 2009                                                           Nov 2011


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