Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanks Giving

I thought I would do the Thankfulness Challenge, many people are doing on Facebook. Where you say something you are thankful for every day in November, getting ready for Thanksgiving.

I'm starting a little late.
And I wanted to put it on the Blog, not Facebook -- feels a little more real to me for some reason.

So this time I have 5 to list since I am behind.

November 1st
Blake and I got to go out for ice cream together, because my mom was in town and she watched the girls.
So I am thankful for that.
All of that.
A good husband to share time with. Delicious food. And an awesome mom turned grandma to watch my girls and keep them safe.
*I had a hard time eating ice-cream because my oldest daughter has a diary allergy, and I felt guilty about getting to eat something she can't.
But I am very grateful I live in a time and place where we can easily get her good foods that can stand in where the dairy must leave. (And yes, it is easy, despite how inconvenienced I feel at times...its just at the grocery store, maybe in another isle or perhaps another store.) I get such a joy every time she eats her soy "ogurt" (yogurt) and enjoys it so much. I feel very grateful for that every time she asks for ogurt.

November 2nd
Blake and I got to go out on another date (another grateful)
and we went to see the movie "Argo"
Woah. I've never had so much adrenaline happening in a movie. It is very intense and very powerful, and its a true story -- that makes it just -- I don't even have the right words for it -- just crazy. I got an eye twitch during the movie because I was experiencing it so intensely. And by the end I felt like I just needed to go home and cry to let out emotions (that's how I deal with life - tears.) It wouldn't necessarily have been crying sad tears, because the movie does well. I just needed some of the intensity out of my veins. And the fact is, the world is a messed up place, so I was sad about that.
The movie made me very, very grateful for being blessed to live in this country. I know we all see room for improvement, and with the election everyone is focused on that. But wow are we blessed like some people can/could have never fathomed to live in a country like this. I take it far to much for granted all the good I experience on a regular basis.

November 3
I am thankful for our baby swing.
Before our oldest was born, some sweet people I barely knew at the time, gave us a whole lot of their baby things. (These people soon came to be dear friends of my heart, despite how little time I got to spend with them, since they moved very far away.) One of their surprisingly good to us gifts was a baby swing. The nice kind -- that can swing back and forth OR side to side.
That thing was an outstanding tool for getting Baby J to sleep.
So great, that my savvy husband, wired it up so that we could plug it into the wall instead of spend a million dollars on batteries. (Another grateful!)
We kept the swing for future babies, and wouldn't you know, Baby A loves it too! Out like a light, and stays out great!
one night,
it died.
Sad mommy.
(Sad baby.)
We hunted down another one on craigslist.
That was a grateful experience.
The first people we contacted were nice enough to test the swing real quick before Blake drove over, and it had also surprisingly quit working, and they let us know instead of ripping us off. (Quality move!) (Grateful!)
Then we found another swing for a great deal $20! And Blake was able to wire that one up to use the wall outlet.
It was a ton of work, because we kept running into a bunch of bugs in the wiring, and the mobile on the thing was crazy loud and kept Baby A awake. So eventually Blake got it all working! (Grateful!)
And I'm grateful that the seat from the first swing actually attached to the new swing because Baby A likes it better.
So Baby A is sleeping away right now, and I don't have to do quite so much mommy juggling between a two year old and a baby during my days because of that blessed swing!

November 4
On Saturday night I already didn't feel like going to church Sunday morning, but I decided to just make sure we would go by talking to J about how the next day was church. (She loves her sunday school class --- one time she cried when I picked her up from class, she wanted to stay!)
I also decided to make up a list of what I needed to have ready before we would leave for church. (I'm usually making a terribly stressful, mad dash around the house trying to find... a pacifier, get J's sippy cup, find that blanket she's insisting she needs, while trying to get the car seat out the front door that's shutting on me.) I stuck the list on the door, and poured J's juice into a cup to have prepared a head of time.
So not only did our morning go amazingly more smooth than previous Sunday mornings have gone. We even had time for Blake to run down the street to pick up this light fixture that I saw posted on craigslist! (It was free at the curb!! I was doing jumping jacks of joy! Getting all excited about its makeover!) awesome morning pre-church.
THEN really, really good sermon that I have been needing for like 2.5 years.
Grateful for that tiny Holy Spirit nudge to ignore that "I don't want to go to church" emotion, and the sweet idea he gave me that I should talk to J about church, to make sure I got there.

November 5
Grateful, I finally got around to doing this grateful stuff. I am in such a better mood right now!
And I am grateful for my family.
My husband is perfect for me. So sweet. So patient with all my more eccentric (likely annoying) quirks. So good to us all. So fun, so funny. Awesome dad. Such a hard worker. So smart. So excited to do new awesome things (like build a big girl bed!) So many outstanding things about that man!
My oldest daughter, while a 2 year old (read: frustrations happen often), is overall just the sweetest little thing. She cares about other people already. She's good at voicing her emotions. And she makes me laugh all day long.
My youngest daughter is the happiest baby I have ever met. Smiles all the time. Wakes up happy. Can't keep her pacifier in because she's smiling at me. Is ticklish all over and laughs getting her diaper or clothes changed. And lets her momma get sleep!
They are awesome.
I love them!

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